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FASTING: Its Purpose & Power

21 Day Daniel Fast Begins January 8th

What Fasting is Not:

It is not a hunger strike to force God’s hand or to get one’s way.

What Fasting is:

It is a spiritual weapon to be coupled with faith and prayer. It gives earnestness and urgency to our prayers. In the same context in which the Lord taught the disciples how to pray, He also taught them how to fast (Matthew 6:1-18). In this discourse, Jesus spoke of private fasting, and He said that such fasting done in private, and not to be seen of men, brings public rewards.

There are also corporate fasts, in which a group or a church or even many churches may band together to sanctify a fast. There are many instances of this in the O. T., and these reveal various purposes for such fasting:
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Faith vs. Trust

Faith looks forward to fulfillment–Trust looks back at God’s track record!

Faith is generated by knowledge:
“Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17). Specifically, the knowledge of God’s Word – not human knowledge, which actually, can be a deterrence to faith.
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