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The Supreme Court Is Not the Supreme Being

“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3).

On Friday, June 26, 2015, the final stone in the foundation of marriage in America was removed by the Supreme Court. This is not about equality for all people. This is the redefining of marriage, which authority is not governed by human law. The Supreme Court is not the Supreme Being. Marriage is not an institution created by man. Marriage was God’s idea. He created the blueprint for marriage, and He is on record that it is between “one man and one woman.” When He created woman from man, He personally brought her to the man. God never brings a man to a man or a woman to a woman. He said:

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). At the time, Adam didn’t have a mother or father, so why did God say this? He was laying as a foundation for all time the governing principle: Marriage is between a husband and wife. Continue reading The Supreme Court Is Not the Supreme Being

Is God  in the Voting Booth?

It’s that time again – time to lift your voice for your choice of those whom you believe will serve our nation well in their elected offices — It’s time to VOTE!

Do you exercise your right — your privilege — to go to the polls and cast your vote? If you don’t, then you really do not have a right to voice your opinion or complaint about the way things are being run and done in your community and the nation. And as a Christian, you should cast your vote for those who espouse the ideals and beliefs that you stand for. Continue reading Is God  in the Voting Booth?

How I Keep Christ in Christmas

It seems preposterous to me that the One whose birthday is the reason for Christmas has been supplanted by Rudolph and Frosty. The reason Christmas is called a holiday is because it is a holy day. I especially love Christmas, because I love the joy it brings to bless others with gifts in the name of the Lord. I actually enjoy Christmas more now than I did as a child, because as Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).  I love to give to those who cannot reciprocate. This truly exemplifies the purpose of Christmas: The Father gave to us who were in greatest need the gift of salvation through His Son Jesus. Paul said in Romans 5:6: “For when we were yet without strength, in due time, Christ died for the ungodly…” The actual meaning is: at the right time, at the time of our greatest need, when we were helpless to save ourselves, God sent His Savior into the world. Continue reading How I Keep Christ in Christmas

Jesus Opposed Same-Sex Marriage

The following is my response to opinion piece by Dan Rodricks, a columnist for the Baltimore Sun, concerning gay marriage rights. His original article can be found here.

“What would Jesus do?” The Sun’s Dan Rodricks asked recently in reference to same-sex marriage (“Same-sex unions: What would Jesus do?” Oct. 25). He was highly upset by remarks made by a local Baptist preacher regarding a New Testament Bible verse, Romans 1:32, that states that homosexuality, along with other sins, “is worthy of death.” The short answer is, according to both Old and New Testaments, in scores of verses too numerous to cite here, all sin is worthy of death. Continue reading Jesus Opposed Same-Sex Marriage

Will the Real Christian Please Stand Up & Vote!

When I was a kid there was a popular TV game show: “To Tell the Truth.” Three guests would all claim to be the same person (ex. John Doe). A regular panel of four judges would then question each about his occupation to ascertain who was telling the truth. After each judge decided who they thought the actual person was, the host would say, “Will the real John Doe please stand up.” The contestants’ goal was to fool the judges with clever answers so as to convince them that he was the real John Doe.

Many today call themselves “Christians,” but when you press them with issues that are in conflict with the Bible, their answers and actions are aligned with the world’s liberal views. They claim to be Bible-believing Christians, but their allegiance in the voting booth is often party affiliation, racial preference, or conceptual bias. They choose candidates who support abortion and same-sex marriage, even though these are diametrically denounced in the Bible. They support candidates who are willing to sell Israel out to cater to her anti-Semitic Muslim neighbors in spite of their terroristic agenda to wipe Israel off the map.

Will a real Christian abandon the foundation of biblical truths that have made our nation great? Will he silence his God-convicted conscience when it objects to such apostasy? Can he love God and not hate unrighteousness? Can he love the Word of God and not hate moral wickedness? Can he walk in the fear of God and yet succumb to the fear of man? Let us consider the following scenario based on the aforementioned game show: Continue reading Will the Real Christian Please Stand Up & Vote!