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There IS A Righteous Cause!

“Open your mouth for the dumb and the cause of all such as are appointed for destruction” (Proverbs 31:8).

The dumb speaks of those who have no voice. I say to you, the unborn in their mothers’ wombs are the dumb. They have no voice, and in America, they have no rights. And those whose mothers have an appointment with an abortion clinic, “are appointed to destruction.” There is a mark on the calendar, but it’s not the day of their birth—It’s their appointment with the doctor of death.

The Bible says: “Open your mouth! Speak out! Stand up for those who have no voice!” That little baby in his mother’s womb has no voice and no ability to speak up for himself. God said: “Take up their cause and open your mouth!” There is a cause—a righteous cause! Continue reading There IS A Righteous Cause!

The Hypocritic Oath

I was sitting in the waiting room of the eye doctor. I noticed the walls were decorated with various attractively framed calligraphic placards. To pass the time, I got up to look them over. I was especially interested in one titled The Hippocratic Oath. I knew that it is an oath that most medical students take upon becoming doctors, and that its most well known adage is “to do no harm.” It is believed to be authored by Hippocrates, a Greek physician called “the father of medicine.”

Written in ancient times, I found its verbiage to be ancient sounding as well, but that didn’t prevent me from doing a double take at these lines: “I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion. In purity and according to divine law I will carry out my life and art.” I was incredulous! How could doctors take this oath and still perform abortions? Continue reading The Hypocritic Oath