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Portal of Glory

My Dream: Sunday, October 02, 2016 (5:30AM)

For several months, I have been in a health crisis, which I will share about in the future. During this time, I have experienced a rare spirit of peace that I can only describe as supernatural. This morning I had a visitation from the Lord that I can sum up in one word: Ecstacy!

The first half of the dream is still unclear to me. I was in a rural area that I understood to be a vacation/camping destination. It was a scenic landscape of green hills and valleys, with a large pond between two hills, where I was standing. On my left, I saw many RVs and campers parked up on a hill overlooking the pond. It was very serene, and I was strongly impressed that it was a place where people came to get away from the stress of everyday life in the cities. I was with a group of people, but I did not see anyone’s facial features. Continue reading Portal of Glory

The Amazing Race

The Rio 2016 Olympics was a golden success, especially for the United States. A total of 207 nations, consisting of 11,303 athletes, competed in 28 Summer sports, in which 306 sets of medals, 918 in all, were awarded. Olympic history was made by several, including Maryland swimmer Michael Phelps and runner Usain Bolt of Jamaica.

But two outstanding Olympians did not get one of those 918 medals. Instead, American runner, Abbey D’Agnostino, was awarded the prestigious Pierre de Coubertin Medal. A New Zealand runner, Nikki Hamblin, was also awarded this medal. It has only been awarded 17 times in all previous Olympic Games. It is awarded to those who display an extraordinary act of sportsmanship.  Continue reading The Amazing Race

June:  Month of Love… Weddings & Anniversaries. The Best Is Yet To Be!

It was the third day the disciples were with their new teacher, Jesus. He was invited to a marriage celebration at Cana, located on the picturesque Sea of Galilee, and they were also invited. It was probably the marriage of a family member or very close friend, as His mother Mary seemed to know the family of the bridegroom very well.

Continue reading June:  Month of Love… Weddings & Anniversaries. The Best Is Yet To Be!

The Snake’s Nest

When my grown sons were boys, they were fond of watching animated videos while Grandma babysat them. They would watch their favorites over and over. One favorite was the classic tale of Rikki Tikki Tavi written by Englishman Rudyard Kipling whose family spent time in India where he was born.

Rikki Tikki Tavi is a mongoose, which has an innate desire and ability to kill snakes. They may be a snake’s worst enemy, and in India where deadly cobras abound, they are useful in protecting humans from deadly encounters with cobras. In the story, Rikki was rescued by a British family living in India when he was washed up near their bungalow by a flood, and became their family pet. He became friendly with other creatures in the garden, including a bird named Darzee and his wife who warned him about a cobra’s nest of unhatched eggs hidden in the garden. Continue reading The Snake’s Nest

Save the Date!

You may have received a Save the Date card from friends who were planning to be getting married within a year. Traditionally, wedding invitations are sent 6 to 8 weeks in advance of the wedding, and generally, those invited would live nearby. These days, however, people are more mobile, and many friends and family must travel from a distance, requiring travel time and perhaps even hotel stays. Also, people’s calendars fill up quickly, especially during summer months when many weddings take place. In these instances, they need advance notice to make their plans. Continue reading Save the Date!