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I Will Because I Can!

“For it is God which works in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure” (Philippians 2:13).

The first priority is our will. And this is greater than our want. We often want things and for situations to be a certain way in our lives. We may even wish—greatly desire for these. But even our strongest desires do not equal our will. It is our will that motivates us to action with a clear and resolute deliberation and assurance that we will succeed—we will obtain. It is not enough to say, “I want… I want to do great things for God.” We must declare: “I will do great things for God!” Continue reading I Will Because I Can!

Brayden’s Big Boy Seat

From a Roman prison, Paul penned his most joyful epistle to the Philippian believers and shared the secret of a fruitful and enduring faith: Forget the hurts and failures of the past. Reach for the blessings of the present. Press toward the future (Philippians 3:12-14).

Many get stuck in depression, lamenting the past, or focusing on the problems of the present. This outlook leads them to think that things can never change, and they are defeated. But when we take hold of the present with joy, keeping our eyes on Heaven’s goal line, we are propelled forward, and the failures of the past fade away.

Continue reading Brayden’s Big Boy Seat

Fantastic Dream of Spirit-Filled Women

In my dream, I didn’t recognize my surroundings, but it was a large room packed with women who were eagerly waiting for me to teach. Excitement permeated the air like electrical current. I did not actually see any faces, except for one, a white sister from my church, Stephanie, who always has a pleasant demeanor that lights up her countenance. She is loved by all in our congregation. Continue reading Fantastic Dream of Spirit-Filled Women

The Gospel—Game-Changer for Women

According to the Genesis creation account, God created both male and female in His image. Eve could not have been inferior to Adam, or her seed, Jesus Christ, would have been inferior. God blessed them and gave them joint dominion over the earth and all living creatures (Genesis 1:26-28). But when they sinned, the rules of engagement changed. They lost their dominion, and Satan usurped it. Banned from Eden, God pronounced judgment on all parties: The serpent, Eve, and her husband Adam. Three consequences were borne by Eve and passed down to all women: Continue reading The Gospel—Game-Changer for Women

Raising the Bar

Based on what is coming across many pulpits today, it would seem that sin is not what it used to be. Under the banner of grace, the moral code of the Bible is being relaxed, allowing for active sin to go unchallenged in the Church. A favorite of grace libertines is the mantra that we are no longer under Old Testament Law, as though its moral code was rescinded. They often cite Jesus’ words of love and forgiveness, inferring He would not condemn their sin today. Their reasoning seems to be that He loves us too much to condemn us.  Continue reading Raising the Bar