Portal of Glory

My Dream: Sunday, October 02, 2016 (5:30AM)

For several months, I have been in a health crisis, which I will share about in the future. During this time, I have experienced a rare spirit of peace that I can only describe as supernatural. This morning I had a visitation from the Lord that I can sum up in one word: Ecstacy!

The first half of the dream is still unclear to me. I was in a rural area that I understood to be a vacation/camping destination. It was a scenic landscape of green hills and valleys, with a large pond between two hills, where I was standing. On my left, I saw many RVs and campers parked up on a hill overlooking the pond. It was very serene, and I was strongly impressed that it was a place where people came to get away from the stress of everyday life in the cities. I was with a group of people, but I did not see anyone’s facial features.

Two ladies whom I judged to be about my age, said they were walking over to another area to see something exciting, and I decided to go with them. They walked ahead of me side-by-side, and they looked identical from the back, making me wonder if they were twins. I had to be careful as I walked, because the ground was uneven in places, and there were tree stumps and dips I had to be mindful of, so I would not stumble. We came upon a long line of people waiting to get into what looked like an opening in the hillside, and we had to stop. I was stretching to see what was up ahead when I realized the two ladies were gone. I asked someone where they went, and they pointed to a large cabin to my right that had a long screened porch.

I went inside and was surprised to see how huge the porch was. Even more amazing, on the opposite side were dozens of campers and mobile homes parked diagonally. Oddly, the right side of each one had no walls, but was a part of the screened porch. It was the dining area for each camper which literally joined the screened porch. This meant when the people sat down to eat, they were part of a kind of dining/fellowship hall. (It reminded me of the one we had at the Masters Retreat Campgrounds years ago.) The left half of the campers had walls, and I knew it to be where the bedrooms were, where the people could sleep in privacy. I was imagining how wonderful it must be when everyone gathers together to eat and fellowship. I heard someone say, “Some people stay here year-round, even in the winter time.” I remember wondering how they dealt with the cold.

What occurred right after is hidden from me, so my next recollection is being in an area which reminded me of a tunnel, because there was some kind of ceiling over my head. But I could see daylight pouring in from one end on the right. On my left, was a sharp left turn, and I could not see around the corner. I saw a woman enter the tunnel from the right, carrying a red suitcase. Just as she got to where the turn was, she stopped. I said to the person with me, “I am going with her,” and I crossed over to where she was standing.

Suddenly, I became aware of the sun beating down on me, and I looked up to the heavens. The sun was piercing through the shadows of tall trees, and its rays were focused directly on me. Its warmth and light were strengthening, and as they did, I began feeling strong vibrations of energy penetrating my body. They did not hurt; they actually were pleasurable. My whole body was enveloped with warm light and love, and I lifted my hands in worship to God. As I worshiped, the sensations grew stronger, and I wondered how much power my body could take in, but I did not want it to stop!

Then I began to cry out loudly: “Gloria Santiago! Gloria Santiago!” Over and over I declared it as my body drank in the powerful vibrations. I knew I was being penetrated with the glory of God. I am not sure how long it went on, but when it finally subsided, I lay there quietly, taking it all in, and wondering if it would start up again. I did not want to move just in case it would. Finally, I spoke and I thanked the Lord for this glorious heavenly experience. I kept wondering what Gloria Santiago meant. I knew it was Spanish, and I knew Gloria means glory, but I didn’t know what santiago means. I replayed it again and again in my mind until I fell back to sleep.

In the morning, I googled it, and the first post I clicked on was Portico Gloria Santiago. It is an ancient cathedral in Spain built in 1188-1211. With over 200 Romanesque style sculptures, the portico (entrance) is the artistic high-point of the cathedral and often considered the greatest work of Spanish Romanesque sculpture. Its three large arches are decorated with angels and foliage, prophets and apostles. The portico represents the Written Law, the Law of Grace, and the Natural Law. The central arch represents the final destination of true Christians: Glory and resurrection. This opening is twice as wide as the other two and contains a depiction of Saint James. I could not make a connection of James to my dream, but I was excited in my spirit that I had entered into some type of portal of glory!

I then googled santiago. It is Spanish for Saint James (san/saint; tiago/James.) I knew James was the first of the apostles to die a martyr’s death, but I didn’t see a connection to my dream. Then I saw a post stating that the origin of tiago is actually from the Hebrew. I knew that James is the Greek form of Jacob, which in Hebrew is spelled yacov. (The y becomes j and the b becomes v). Now I saw that the connection was not about James of the New Testament, but Jacob of the Old. But how?

As I mused on this, I heard the question in my spirit: “What is significant about Jacob?” I immediately knew what it meant. When Jacob fled to the wilderness, after his brother Esau vowed to kill him, he had a dream. He saw a ladder reaching from the earth to Heaven, and the angels of God ascending and descending on it. God spoke to him about his future, and when he awoke, he said: “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I knew it not. This is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven” (Gen. 28:10-17)

I realized God had opened a portal to Heaven over me, and poured out His glory upon me!

Epilogue: This dream is even more significant in light of a dream I had last year, October 2015:

A Kaleidoscope of Heaven

Lying in bed, the ceiling of my room was gone, and I was looking up into the sky. It did not look like a normal sky. It was deep blue with random veins of burgundy and black running through it. The most unusual thing, it was shaped like a huge octagon, divided into triangular sections with a kaleidoscope effect. The shapes were moving in a downward/upward pattern like in a kaleidoscope. There were flashes of lightning coming down, and the air was electrified. My entire body was vibrating as waves of electricity continually washed over me. Every surge was powerful and intense, creating tingling all over me. All of my senses were magnetized by the supernatural atmosphere. The vividness was overwhelming.

Over and over I kept repeating aloud: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty. The Earth is filled with His glory.” My voice reverberated like a powerful boom. The more I said it, the more intense was the effect on my body. I was filled with anticipation of what was going to happen next. I knew this was something extraterrestrial, and I was excited for what I expected to be a visitation or revelation from Heaven, or maybe I was going to Heaven!

Then I became aware of darkness entering from both the left and right sides, pushing in on the heavenly kaleidoscope. As it did, the sensations in my body that had been exhilarating became uncomfortable. The more the darkness pressed in, the more painful the tingling became. I didn’t say it out loud, but in my spirit, I said, “Lord, this is hurting me.” I didn’t understand what was happening or why. At some point I realized I had to resist it. I spoke in a firm, authoritative voice: “The blood of Jesus is against you! The Word of God is against you!”

I did not hear anything, but I felt pushback from the darkness that suggested to me that I could not overcome it. Then I declared: “Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world!” Instantly, it stopped. My room was turned back to normal, and I laid there wondering what I had just experienced. My body was still pulsating, and it was painful. I said, “Lord, I thank you for healing me.” I looked at the time. It was 1:11 AM. I decided to get up and get a drink of water, and when I went back to bed, I fell peacefully off to sleep.

Later, while recording this dream, I commented: “I have had many extraordinary dreams through the years, but I have never experienced one like this. I’m not sure yet what the purpose or meaning is, but I am spiritually sensitized for what may come next. As the darkness of this age is ramping up, God is reminding us we have authority over the darkness in the spiritual realm.”

Epilogue: Now, one year later, I have been in a whirlwind of medical issues, but God has been faithful! I am nearing the end of this journey, and the dream I had this morning (which I shared first), has kindled my excitement and expectation of good things to come!