Is God  in the Voting Booth?

It’s that time again – time to lift your voice for your choice of those whom you believe will serve our nation well in their elected offices — It’s time to VOTE!

Do you exercise your right — your privilege — to go to the polls and cast your vote? If you don’t, then you really do not have a right to voice your opinion or complaint about the way things are being run and done in your community and the nation. And as a Christian, you should cast your vote for those who espouse the ideals and beliefs that you stand for.

Voice Of The Electorate

It frustrates me when people don’t bother to vote, considering the great sacrifices that were made to found this nation as a republic based on representation of the public: “A government of the people, by the people, and for the people…”, and the subsequent fights that were waged to give the right to vote to women and citizens of all races. When people sacrifice for their beliefs and rights, they appreciate them. Sadly, Americans have become so nonplussed about our freedoms, they don’t respect or participate in the privileges bequeathed to us by those who fought hard for them.

The second thing that frustrates me about elections: When Christians do go to the polls to cast their votes, but check all biblical convictions at the door, and are swayed by popular charisma, entrenched bipartisanship, or a sense of entitlement. They either do not bother to know the facts and examine the records and agendas of candidates, or they just don’t care if they are contrary to God’s Word.

How can we look the other way and pretend that it’s not a big deal when our seminal standards are trounced by liberal politicians who mock Christians and the biblical truths and values that birthed this country and conform our lives and worldview? Is it really okay to vote into office, especially high offices, such persons? Is it okay with God if we ignore His denouncements of abortion, same-sex marriage, and the stripping of every biblical reference in our schools, city squares, court rooms, military, and national arenas? Is it okay with Him if we blot out the name of His Son Jesus Christ from public prayers, history classes, high school and college speeches? Oh yeah, and that the quickly approaching “Christmas holiday” — takes a greater hit every year by atheists who don’t believe there is a God in the first place, but yet who are very offended by someone “who does not exist”?

Can You Believe It?

This week (late October) we were shocked by the brazen actions of the city of Houston’s Mayor Annise Parker, an openly gay lesbian. She issued subpoenas to a group of pastors demanding that they turn over sermons that mention homosexuality. Ministers who failed to comply could be held in contempt of court. When a hailstorm of protests erupted from lawyers and pastors, Mayor Parker initially claimed the city had a right to subpoena the sermons under the guise of anti-discrimination law. Only after Senator Ted Cruz weighed in backing the pastors, and others joined the firestorm, did she back down. However, it was only to change the word sermons to speeches — as if they are two different things when it comes to preaching! 

Here’s the kicker: One of those pastors is an immigrant from Vietnam who fled his communist country during American’s chaotic withdrawal. He came to America to escape religious persecution from the communists! He said that he never thought he would see the time when he would be denied religious freedom to preach from the Bible in America!

How Same-Sex Marriage is Changing America Against Christians

An Idaho couple who are both ordained ministers have owned and operated a wedding chapel for over 25 years. They are now in jeopardy of going to jail and being fined $1000 per day, because they refused to marry a same-sex couple. The alternative is to close their business. Their city may be able to get away with this because the chapel is a for-profit business. If so, how long do you think it will be before ministers who perform marriages in their churches and accept offerings will also be forced to perform same-sex marriages? Clearly their first and 14th Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of religion are being violated.

I preached a message in 2008 warning that the homosexual agenda would come to this, and here we are. Last year, a Christian baker in Oregon was forced to close her bakery after she was sued by a lesbian couple, because she declined to bake their wedding cake. The LGBT community boycotted other wedding-related businesses in the city. Another case occurred in Colorado where a baker declined to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. In this case, people rallied behind him and bought so many cookies and goods that he no longer bakes wedding cakes.

Is this appalling? Is it shocking? Can you believe this is happening in Christian America? In  rural states like Idaho?  And Texas? I thought the state of Texas was pretty much God’s country. The number of churches, religious organizations, Christian media, schools and universities in the state of Texas is huge. So my thought is: How did an openly gay lesbian with an agenda against Christianity get elected into the high office of Mayor of one of the larger cities in America’s Bible Belt?

I can think of two reasons: Christians failed to go to the polls and vote. Christians who did go did not vote according to their consciences as guided by sound biblical teaching.

The Democratic convention in 2008 held a Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) caucus.  One gay activist and organizer who is also a multimillionaire targets elections in small rural areas. In 2006, he poured $15 million into 70 races and won 50 of them, which helped to flip four state chambers. He told his convention supporters:

“What is the very most important thing that you can do? – It is to go back and support those pro-gay legislators. Eliminate the anti-gay state legislators. We successfully flipped legislations around the country from Republican-control to Democratic control, and the net result is always good for gay people – always.”

I am not addressing political partisanship here – I am simply citing what the agenda at this convention was. The question is: Have they been successful? Consider this: The first bill signed on the first day of the new administration in 2008 was to open the door to openly gay homosexuals in the military. Since then, we have seen the DOMA act, stating that marriage is between a man and a woman struck down after the President, who had said that marriage was between a man and a woman when he was running for office, reversed himself later. We now have 30 states performing same-sex marriages with others soon to follow. There is no turning back. This is the new reality in our nation. Unless the U.S. Supreme Court, who has so far refused to hear these cases, rules otherwise, marriage as we know it, as the Bible teaches it, as its Author created it, will never be the same.

We all remember what happened when the founder of Chick-fil-A said he believed marriage was between a man and a woman. The Gay community boycotted them, but both Christians and even non-Christians who believe in religious freedom and freedom of speech, came out in droves to support them. They made more money in that one day than they ever had. Most Americans know what is right, but if they don’t voice their vote, it is pointless. It was great to see tens of thousands of people stand in line to buy a chicken sandwich, but it’s more powerful for them to stand in line to vote and to vote the biblical principles they believe in their hearts.

Does God See? Does He Care?

I wonder how many Christians were fooled into giving their votes to candidates whose anti-biblical intentions were clearly stated, yet when they got in the voting booth they figured no one would know. No one but God.

Then there is the mindset among some Christians that since God is sovereign and in charge of everything, He will put an office whomever He wants. Do we really think that God wants in the highest offices of the land those who are pro-abortion, pro-same-sex marriage, anti-Christian, and anti-Israel? Voters are who elect such persons, and when enough people don’t vote for biblical values or don’t vote at all, it will happen, and has happened again and again.

God did not want Israel to have a king in the days of the judges and prophets, but they wanted “to be like other nations”, and cried out for a king. The prophet Samuel was brokenhearted, thinking that they had rejected him as their spiritual leader. But it was not the case. God told Samuel: “They have not rejected you —They have rejected Me” (1Sam.8:7). And He gave them the desire of their heart, but sent leanness to their soul. He gave them Saul whose physical appearance was remarkable, but he turned out to be a hireling who disobeyed God’s Word. God said, “I gave them a king in mine anger and took him away in my wrath” (Hosea 13:11).

It certainly was not God’s will later for Israel to be divided into two nations, but the disobedience of their kings resulted in just that. And it didn’t end there. Israel was carried away into captivity, and 150 years later Judah was. It took longer for judgment to catch up with Judah because they had twice the number of “good kings” as Israel. If they were not exempt from judgment, do we think America is?

“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3). I believe America is at a tipping point. The legal fight to preserve biblical marriage is all but over. The battle we cannot lose is for our rights of religious freedom and freedom of speech! The day that we can no longer preach from the Bible without risk of going to jail, we may as well close the church doors. The LGBT community is not satisfied with winning the recognition and rights they claim they are entitled to as Americans, but they also want to silence those, especially Christians, who believe the homosexual lifestyle is sinful, and same-sex marriage is unbiblical, and who cannot in good conscience partake of another man’s sin. They seek to force us to in the name of antidiscrimination. Dr. Michael Brown, renowned messianic Jewish scholar and revivalist, stated “They have not only come out of the closet, but now they’re trying to put us in the closet.”

”Can any man hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him, saith the Lord? (Jer.23:24 ). “Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the Lord, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who sees us? Who knows us?” (Isa. 29:15).

God sees in the closet, in the dark, and in the voting booth.